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Physical Therapy


As part of OSTC’s commitment to excellence, the professional staff is constantly seeking out and learning new techniques to help our patients.  This Mulligan 2March, Thomas Patrey flew to San Francisco to attend a continuing education course to learn about the “Mulligan Concept.”

The Mulligan concept was developed by New Zealand Physical Therapist, Brian Mulligan F.N.Z.S.P. (Hon), Dip M.T.  This simple technique involves applying a sustained joint glide while the patient performs a pain-free movement. The goal of a Mulligan Technique is P.I.L.L., (pain-free, immediate and long lasting). One of the main ideas of the Mulligan Concept is “Mobilization with Movement” or “MWM.  This involves re-positioning of a body part to a pain free zone to help it move.  MWM generally involves the extremities of the body and is indicated for use when a body part is restricted or has painful movement.  Benefits of the Mulligan Concept involve decreased pain and increased range of motion.

When asked what he liked best about the Mulligan Concept, Thomas replied, “The greatest thing about it is that this technique can decrease your pain to help you complete your physical therapy exercises, and get patients back to normal daily activities.”