Weight Loss Program

“Fit For Life”

Here at OSTC we strive to help our community become healthy and fit. Being healthy and fit can mean many different things. It can mean that you are trying to lose weight and gain strength so that you can have a joint replaced, do every day activities with ease, participate with your children or grandchildren, and so on. Maybe you have hit that point in your life were you just can’t seem to get your lifestyle to match your desire to be a healthier, more fit, you. Join our “In It For Life” weight loss program and let us help you reach whatever goal it may be that you need to attain. We have serviced clients of all ages and fitness levels.

Our Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists partner with our nutritional coaches to provide you with a top-of-the line, personalized program that will get you on the right track. Our personal trainers will design workouts that are personalized to your fitness level and encourage and motivate you throughout your program. Because of our level of training and access to physical therapists, we also have the ability to work around your area of pain and disability. OSTC’s nutritional coaches will review your current nutritional habits and guide you in the right direction. They will help you track your daily food intake and advise personalized caloric intake requirements based on information you provide them. Our nutritional coaches will even assist you in preparing a healthy grocery list. If you are interested in “In It For Life” please call 940-692-4688 and ask for Brad. We can get you set up and started on the journey to your new healthy and fit lifestyle.

Program Pricing:

Assessment + Nutrition $80

Includes three 45 minute visits. The first visit will include a cardio fit test, body composition, flexibility, general strength testing, and discussion of goals. During the second visit, a general exercise program will be provided and demonstrated. You will need to bring back your food log. On the third visit you will review the food log with your nutritional coach and receive a personalized caloric intake requirement and healthy grocery list.