At the Orthopaedic and Sports Therapy Center, we have our own MRI Center in the building. We pride ourselves in offering the top technology in a comfortable environment.

A Magnetic Resonance Imaging scan is a medical imaging technique used to take detailed images of the interior of the body. Using computers, the scans produced by the MRI machine are made into two-dimensional pictures of the body that physicians use to provide an accurate diagnosis of a patient’s medical condition.

The images created by the MRI scanner are similar to X-rays, but instead of just capturing bones, MRI’s are able to save images of the soft tissues, such as muscles and internal organs. The images are very precise to enable physicians to see differences in normal and abnormal tissues.

MRI’s use magnetic fields and radio waves, which are both harmless, natural forces. An MRI is a painless process that has no lasting side effects. There is no special preparation required prior to an MRI exam. Patients are encouraged to eat normally and go about daily activities as usual. Unless a doctor has instructed otherwise, patients are able to continue all prescription medications as usual.

Some of the studies performed at OSTC include: brain, neck, spine, upper and lower extremities, abdomen/pelvic, MR angiogram, and MR arthrogram.

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