Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage

  • Relieves Headaches
  • Alleviates backaches
  • Enhances sleep
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Reduces edema

What is prenatal massage?

Massage for pregnant women is also used to reduce stress on weight bearing joints.   It helps with blood and lymph circulation, relaxes nervous tensions which in turn helps aid better sleep, and can possibly help with symptoms of depression and anxiety caused by hormonal changes during and after pregnancy.

During the prenatal massage sideline positioning with supportive, soft cushions are used to alleviate the extra strain on the lower back and pelvic areas when the pressure of massage techniques are applied

Through the second trimester, you may prefer to lie on your back with small, cushioned wedge placed under both knees.  Depending on where you arein your pregnancy, your licensed massage therapist can provide a pregnancy pillow if you wish to lie face down.

Relief of Everyday Symptoms a Closer Look.

Massage for pregnant women offers a number of benefits, and it’s always a good idea to discuss with your licensed massage therapist and everyday symptoms you’d like to see relieved.  Those might include54

  • Headaches can be relieved by massage focusing on the head, neck and shoulders.  In addition, maintaining optimal levels of stress relief through massage could possibly reduce the chances of migrains, or tension headaches by relaxing trigger points and muscle spasms.
  • Muscle tension created by carrying extra weight of a baby can be relieved by encouraging blood flow to the affected areas.  This provides more nutrient-rich oxygen and also increases the flow of lymphatic fluid, which sweeps away toxins and metabolic waste.
  • Fatigue, backaches, leg cramps and swelling (edema) can all be relieved through massage therapy for pregnant women.
  • The ordinary aches and pains of pregnancy are countered by the release of serotonin, your body’s natural anti-pain chemical which is stimulated by massage.

Women with normal, low risk pregnancies can benefit greatly from massage therapy.  However, women in high risk pregnancies should consult their health care provider before beginning a massage therapy routine.  Here at OSTC our licensed massage therapist will not schedule a massage for a woman until she has entered her second trimester.

Prenatal Massage Prices

1/2 hour – $35.00
1 hour – $60.00
1 1/2 hour – $80.00