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Physical Therapy


The Christmas season is a time for giving at OSTC.  Every year the staff at OSTC adopts a family or group of kids to make sure they have a Merry Christmas.  Gifts are bought according to what the children or family need and then the staff gathers for a wrapping party.  On this day the OSTC staff gathers to wrap all the presents, enjoy each others company, eat good food and listen to Christmas music.  For most OSTC employees, it is a joyous day to truly play Santa.  We may not get to see the children open their presents on Christmas morning, but we know that without our Wrapping Party, several children would go without on Christmas Day.



This year OSTC will be donating gifts to 10 children. OSTC staff will also be purchasing warm pajamas to donate to Harvest kids of Holliday’s Harvest Food Ministry.  Harvest Food Ministry operates entirely through donations that go directly towards supplying the surrounding communities of Holliday, Texas, with monthly supplemental boxes of food.

Merry Christmas to all from the staff at OSTC!