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Physical Therapy


OSTC would like to take a second to send a shout out to all the bike riders who rode in the Hotter than Hell Bike Ride. We are especially proud of the OSTC bike riding team.  The OSTC bike team consist of employees, their family members, friends are past patients.

Lucas Vietenheimer and Steve Bailey rode in the 100 mile race.

Charlie Post rode the mountain bike ride and the 25 mile ride.

Other OSTC riders included Belinda “B” Wingo, Corey Samudosky, Corey’s mother Terrilynn Nowicki, Pat Finnell, Diana Dearmond, Lacy Coltharp and her son, Caden.

To celebrate their accomplishment, OSTC employees and their families created a cheering section to meet the riders as they finished their rides.

steve   hhh2019