Meeting the Requests of our Patients

At OSTC, we take great pride in providing our patients and clients with the best physical therapy in the Wichita Falls area.  In an effort to make sure we are meeting the needs and wants of our clients, we have a suggestion box available at the front desk area.  We also ask for your feedback once a month on our patient surveys.  These suggestions and comments are taken very seriously and are an important way to help us help you.  Our staff holds weekly meetings to discuss all the positive things we are doing and all the things we can improve upon to serve you better.

This year we are proud to announce the addition of automatic front doors, new treadmills and new ellipticals.  OSTC has also hired more therapy technicians to better provide one-on-one care to our physical therapy patients.


Thank you OSTC friends and family for helping to make us Texoma’s  Best Physical Therapy Clinic.  We strive to exceed all of your expectations.

What makes OSTC special? Family.

If you have ever been a patient or client at OSTC, you know there is just something special in the air.  It’s the feeling of family, because at OSTC, we are family.  OSTC was built in 2002, many of the therapists and athletic trainers that were here for opening day are still in the building today.  Seretha Elkins, Physical Therapist and director of Physical Therapy has been a part of OSTC since it was a simple idea from Dr. Wilson and Dr. Ruyle.  They, along with Athletic Trainers Dustin Hostas and Steve Bailey, believed in creating a specialty clinic devoted to orthopedic and sports therapy.  During the creation process, the founders of OSTC believed in one simple concept, “do the right thing for the right reason and everything else will sort itself out.”  Today, that motto still rings true.

Charlie Post was the next to join the crew as an Athletic Trainer, and today he works as a Physical Therapy Assistant.  Jennifer Cantwell, Physical Therapist, joined the OSTC family in 2005 bringing with her a vast knowledge of sports therapy.  Shane Berend and Lacy Coltharp both came to OSTC as part of their clinical rotations while in their final year of their doctorate programs.  They noticed that there was something different about this place and decided to join the family.  Juli Weger, our newest Physical Therapist, worked as a Physical Therapy Technician for two years prior to pursuing a career as a physical therapist.  Kris Tucker also worked as a tech before attending PTA school.  He has been with OSTC since it began in 2002.

Through the years, our family has grown through new staff members and new babies.  We have all been together to celebrate joyous occasions and mourn family losses.  The staff at OSTC often gets together to share meals and cheer on our favorite sports teams.  The old cliche is “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.”  In that case, no one at OSTC ever works. 

Proud to be Texoma’s Best 2017 Rehab/Physical Therapy Facility

OSTC would like to thank all of our patients and members for voting us Texoma’s Best!  This award was started in 1992 by the Time’s Record News to recognize local businesses that are voted on by the community.

At OSTC, we strive to provide our patients, our wellness members and their families  with the best medical services in sports medicine, physical therapy, and health/wellness.

We constantly challenge ourselves to improve the quality of our service and professionalism by attending top medical conferences across the nation. We strive to become leaders in the medical field by keeping up-to-date with changing needs in healthcare by utilizing our collective skills in a united team effort.

OSTC Family Participates in Wichita Falls’ Famous Bike Ride

The Hotter N’ Hell Hundred is a long standing tradition in Wichita Falls.  Bike riders from all over come to participate in 100 mile road race.  Staff and family members of OSTC employees have been participating in the HHH for many years now.  This years OSTC team riders were Diana DeArmond, Charlie Post, Pat Finnell, Lucas Veitenheimer and Juli Weger.

This year OSTC would like to congratulate Pat Finnell, OSTC wellness member and step-mother of physical therapist, Seretha Elkins for winning her age division.  Way to go PAT!!

Cupping at OSTC

Thanks to Michael Phelps and several other summer Olympians, cupping has made its world wide debut.  At OSTC, we have been practicing this therapeutic technique for several years.  Many of the physical therapist have seen tremendous benefits of using cupping along side other modalities and exercises, especially in dealing with hamstring and quadriceps strains.  Some of these benefits include; increased range of motion, decreased pain and decreased inflammation in the area of injury.  Cupping is most notable for the circular “bruises” it leaves behind on the patient.  These marks are not painful and usually go away in a few days when the technique is properly applied.   Dry cupping is the use of negative pressure to release tension on the muscle and increase blood flow to the area.  Though cupping alone is not a cure-all, it is one of the many tools available to the therapists at OSTC.  Our therapists pride themselves on having as many options available to create a unique and individualized therapy program to best suit the needs of our patients.


OSTC FREE Walk-In Assessments

August is here and that means back to sports for a lot of athletes and coaches.  At OSTC, we know that this is the season filled with new injuries and soreness.  If you or your child experiences a suspected sports injury and you are unsure of what to do next, let us help you.  Come visit us for a FREE walk-in assessment!  The board certified Sports Physical Therapists and Certified Athletic Trainers can assess the injury and help guide you on the road to recovery.  We will make recommendations for treatment of your injury and if necessary make a physician referral.


OSTC  Sports Medicine Hotline!

At OSTC, we are here to get you back to playing the sports you love as quickly and safely as possible.  This starts with providing you quick access to our sports medicine professionals through our Sports Medicine Hotline.  When you call, you will immediately speak to a Physical Therapist or Certified Athletic Trainer who will get you started on the road to recovery.  We can guide you through how to treat your sports injury and set you up for a free assessment in our clinic.  If needed we can assist you in scheduling a priority appointment with one of our Orthopedic Surgeons.  The Sports Injury Hotline is available 7 days a week, from 7am-10pm.  If you call after hours, please leave a message and your call will be returned.  If you feel your injury is a medical emergency, contact 911.


Baby Bumps are everywhere at OSTC this summer!

baby bumps

As the old saying goes “There must be something in the water!”  This year, 4 employees of OSTC are proud to announce they are expecting new babies in the coming months.

Tana Drennan, athletic trainer, will be kicking off the baby train in August.  Tana, her husband Joshua and daughter Marley are excited to welcome baby boy Waylon to the Drennan Family.

Christie Offield, patient care coordinator, is due mid-Ocotober.  Christie, husband Steven and daugther Maddison are expecting the only baby girl of the group, Kenadie Rose.

Next up is Shannon Morgan, business office coordinator for OSTC.  Shannon and her husband Dennis are excited to bring home baby brother, Eyan Haze to big brother Bowen.

Jackie Malone, OSTC’s massage therapist, and husband DJ will have to set an extra spot at Thanksgiving dinner this year!  They are expecting their first child, baby boy Ronan in mid-November.

OSTC would like to wish all our mommas the best in the coming months!  The OSTC family is growing quickly!

OSTC’s Get Up, Get Fit!!

Ladies ONLY!!

Come join us July 31-Aug 24 every Monday through Thursday at 5:45AM-6:30AM.

This program is designed for all workout levels and is a great way to burn maximum calories before 6:30am.

Heel Pain and Injury: The Physical Therapy Solution

The feet bear the weight of the body upon them, but the heel of the foot receives little thought unless it begins to hurt. Pain can originate under the heel (plantar fasciitis) or the back of the heel in the Achilles tendon. Inflammation, swelling and pain are common complaints associated with the heel.

An injury to any part of the heel can be extremely painful, producing inflammation and swelling. Individuals may have difficulty flexing their foot up or down, standing on their toes, or even walking. A heel injury may also result in a tingling sensation indicating the need for immediate medical care that will often require rehabilitation with a physical therapist.

Everyone has an occasional pain in the heel after extensive walking, jogging or sports activities and it typically disappears within a day or so with rest. Heel pain that interferes in standing, walking, or lasts a week or more can be helped with physical therapy.

Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain resulting from running and jogging, obesity, and excessive standing. Pain may be present when people take their first few steps in the morning or after sitting down for an extended period of sitting.

To learn more about heel pain, Click to read our NEWSLETTER!!

If you or someone you know suffers from heel pain or injury, contacts at OSTC for your FREE consultation and find out what solutions we have to offer you.  940-692-4688

Texoma’s Best 2017 Nominee


We are honored to have been nominated for Texoma’s Best Rehab/Physical Therapy Facility for 2017!

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