March is National Athletic Training Month – Compassionate Care for All

OSTC currently employees 7 Athletic Trainers; Sidney Ashton, Steve Bailey, Tana Drennan, Dustin Hostas, Colton Mass, Thomas Patrey and Charlie Post.

National AT monthThe athletic trainers at OSTC wear many different hats.  Many of the OSTC athletic trainers provide sports medicine coverage to some of our local high school teams as part of OSTC’s community outreach program.  Other Athletic Trainers can be found in the clinic seeing patients, managing personnel or performing courtesy evaluations on walk-in patients.  They perform countless unseen duties such as maintaining equipment, caring for the pool, writing the newsletter, stocking medical supplies, teaching fitness classes, perform pitching analyses on overhead athletes, fitting braces and orthotics and teaching First-Aid/CPR to OSTC employees and high school coaches.

OSTC finds the knowledge and experience that an AT has to offer to a physical therapy clinic to be invaluable.  Athletic Trainers provide immediate care at sporting events, and should an athlete need a physician follow-up, the AT can facilitate that appointment and often times get the athlete seen that day!  A recent study showed that Athletic Trainers are so experienced at assessing injuries that they come to the same conclusion as an orthopedic physician 92% of the time…. And that is without the use of x-rays or MRIs.

If you see one of the Athletic Trainers at OSTC this month, be sure to tell them “Happy Athletic Training Month!”


Congratulations to Shane Berend DPT, SCS

Congratulations to Shane for becoming certified as a Kineticore Level 1, Trigger point dry needling and functional dry needling therapist.  Shane recently completed this very difficult training course.  Trigger point dry needling and functional dry needling are just another tool the therapists at OSTC keep in their “tool box” of knowledge to help our patients live a full and pain free life.

Cutting Edge Therapy at OSTC

The Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers at OSTC take pride in providing the best physical therapy for sports and orthopedic injuries in the Wichita Falls Area.  Our therapists are board certified in orthopedic and sports therapy, and attend the top conferences in the nation to bring the best and newest practices back to Wichita Falls.

At OSTC, we strive to maintain the best and newest equipment and therapeutic modalities.  Come take a tour of OSTC to see all that we have to offer our physical therapy patients.

The following is a quick glance at the new cutting edge modalities that are offered at OSTC; in the coming weeks we will explore each modality in further detail.  If you have questions about any of the following, please contact OSTC.

1.  Light Force Laser Therapy– 

A noninvasive modality to help with pain control. Laser therapy is most beneficial when used in conjunction with your physical therapy. Currently, OSTC is the only clinic in the Wichita Falls area with a class IV Light Force Laser. Our therapists have seen how beneficial the Laser Treatments are for our patients, and decided to purchase a second Laser in 2017.

2.  Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFR)

Blood flow restriction (BFR) training is a training strategy that involves the use of cuffs or wraps placed around a limb during exercise.  The pressure is increased enough to restrict venous return, while allowing for arterial blood flow.  The person is then asked to perform high rep exercises with a very low weight.  Blood flow restriction may sound scary, but the risks are no more than general weight lifting. Study after study proves that this training technique is useful in helping athletes and patients gain strength, power, muscle size and reduce muscle atrophy following surgery.

3.  MTrigger™ Personal Biofeedback Device

MTrigger uses surface EMG pads connected to a portable device to measure the electrical activity produced during a muscle contraction.  The electrical activity can be monitored using an Ipad or phone.  During your physical therapy session, the Mtrigger device may be used to help patients see their performance in real time and get immediate feedback from their therapists.  The mtrigger motivates patients to control interactive biofeedback games and activities, allowing patients to play, train, and track their performance over the course of therapy. Patients can download an app to their phones and keep track of their own progress as well.

4.  Monitored Rehab System, Leg Press and Cube-

OSTC currently has two therapeutic devices that use the monitored rehab system.  This system allows the therapist to test and train motor control, strength, proprioception and coordination.  Designed to look like “video games,” the MRS helps engage the patients while allowing the therapist to set different training protocols.  The MRS leg press and cube have allowed OSTC physical therapists to take our sports therapy program to the next level; challenging athletes, and getting them back to the game safer.

5.  Rapid Reboot- 

Rapid Reboot is an intermittent pneumatic compression recovery system ideal for post workout recovery.  This compression system is used to help athletes from all sports and those patients who spend a tremendous amount of time on their feet.  The pneumatic compression can help with removal of lactic acid, swelling, and lymphedema.  Though there may be some contra-indications to the use the Rapid Reboot system, the physical therapists will work closely with your doctor before using this recovery device.

ATHLETE’S ADVANTAGE-Giving you the edge in competition

Are you ready to have your best season ever?  OSTC’s Athlete’s Advantage Summer Program is your chance to gain that competitive edge.  OSTC’s Athlete’s Advantage is specialized programs based on sport, goals and age.  Our programs are designed and run by experts- including Strength and Conditioning Specialists and Certified Athletic Trainers. Athlete’s Advantage Summer Program includes training in agility, speed, strength, power, endurance, flexibility and jump training.  Athletes will be tested and given scores documenting improvements made through out the program.  Our specialists will work to correct form and coach proper technique in an effort to prevent injuries.  Athletes will be able to take the strength and skills they gain from our program and improve the quality of their performance on the field or court.

Box jump

The Athlete’s Advantage program at OSTC incoorporates scientifically proven methods to decrease the risk of injury and increase power.

We show you exactly how to improve your game – giving you the edge you need to rise above the competition.  OSTC Strength and Conditioning Specialists are signing up individual athletes and teams now.  Call OSTC to get a spot!  Ask about our Team discount!   Team spots will fill up fast!  940-692-4688

Congratulations to the Graduates!

graduationOSTC is proud to announce that two of our young employees have graduated from college, Taylor Stanfill and Ryan Murray.

Taylor has been a physical therapy technician with OSTC since 2014.  She graduated from Midwestern State University with a Biology Major and a minor in psychology.  Taylor is currently studying to take her CSCS, Certified Strength and Conditioning, test from the NSCA, National Strength and Conditioning Association, to begin working as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist at OSTC.  Her ultimate goal is physical therapy school.  Congrats Taylor Stanfill, your OSTC family is proud of you!

Ryan graduated from MSU with his Business Management degree.  He too started working at OSTC as a physical therapy technician in 2014, and will continue working at OSTC in the business office.  Ryan plans to pursue a career in human resources.  Congrats Ryan we know you will do great!  OSTC also offers up congratulations to Ryan and his fiance, Kiley Beaver on their upcoming wedding this May!


Get up Get Fit is a workout program specifically designed for women. The class is early morning to help you get up and get fit!. We meet at OSTC at 5:30 AM 4 days a week. Class last 45 min and is jam packed from start to finish with everything from HIIT training, weights, cardio, and strength training.  Instructor, Tana Drennan is a Nationally Certified Athletic Trainer as well as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, this unique combination gives her the knowledge of how to best modify workouts for clients of all ages and fitness levels.  Join Get Up Get Fit and Tana can help you to reach your fitness goals in a fun and safe environment.  The Get Up Get Fit morning group is a great positive way to start your day, plus you will be apart of an online support group where you can ask questions and get supplemental workouts to get you through the weekend or when you have to miss days!

As a Christmas special, Tana has discounted the class to $65 for all who call and join before Jan 1 2018!

Call Today, space is limited.  940-692-4688

For returning members, be ready for new exercises and new equipment…we are really going to turn it up this year!  

OSTC Christmas Wrapping Party

The Christmas season is a time for giving at OSTC.  Every year the staff at OSTC adopts a family or group of kids to make sure they have a Merry Christmas.  Gifts are bought according to what the children or family need and then the staff gathers for a wrapping party.  On this day the OSTC staff gathers to wrap all the presents, enjoy each others company, eat good food and listen to Christmas music.  For most OSTC employees, it is a joyous day to truly play Santa.  We may not get to see the children open their presents on Christmas morning, but we know that without our Wrapping Party, several children would go without on Christmas Day.



This year OSTC will be donating gifts to 10 children. OSTC staff will also be purchasing warm pajamas to donate to Harvest kids of Holliday’s Harvest Food Ministry.  Harvest Food Ministry operates entirely through donations that go directly towards supplying the surrounding communities of Holliday, Texas, with monthly supplemental boxes of food.

Merry Christmas to all from the staff at OSTC! 

Baseball Ramp-Up! Preventative and Performance Program

With baseball about 2 months away, it is time to start preparing for a successful and injury free season. SPOTS ARE LIMITED (to reserve a spot or for further information call 940-692-4688).

This program is specifically designed for high school athletes.  The goals are to progress athletes through exercises that are scientifically proven to increase rotational power, improve rotator cuff and scapular stabilizing strength and to reduce the risk of injury.  The Ramp-Up program will also include baseball specific conditioning work into each session.

Baseball Ramp-Up begins Monday Dec 4, 2017 and ends Jan 18, 2018.  Athletes will meet 4 times a week for 6 weeks, Monday-Thursday from 6-7pm.  The cost is $240.  Spots are limited in order to maintain quality of coaching.

If you have questions or are interested please call OSTC, 940-692-4688.

OSTC Family Celebrates Thanksgiving

OSTC employees showed off their cooking and eating skills this past Thursday at a company pot-luck Thanksgiving feast.  Delicious food was enjoyed by all and the staff had a chance to sit down and enjoy each other’s company.  During the hectic days leading up the the holiday season, it is always nice to sit back and have a few laughs with our OSTC family.  A huge thank you to all who provided a home cooked dish.

Time to Take a Stand.

Physical therapists use sound, scientifically proven principles of human anatomy, physiology, movement and psychology to help patients lead healthy, pain-free lives.

The therapist will conduct an initial evaluation followed by several progress notes to document progress over time. A comprehensive analysis establishes a ‘clinical baseline’ that identifies muscle imbalances, causes of pain and joint mal-alignments. This is the foundation for short and long-term goals designed to help individuals recover completely. In fact, physical therapy can address every aspect of recovery including:  balance

• Gait

• Biomechanical aspects like spine/hip/foot alignments

• Lower back strength

• Pain levels

• Functional capability

As your physical therapist, we will get you back on your feet as soon as possible. Call us today to learn more. You deserve the right kind of care. It’s time to take a stand. Let’s do it together. We are here to help.