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Physical Therapy


If you have ever been a patient or client at OSTC, you know there is just something special in the air.  It’s the feeling of family, because at OSTC, we are family.  OSTC was built in 2002, many of the therapists and athletic trainers that were here for opening day are still in the building today.  Seretha Elkins, Physical Therapist and director of Physical Therapy has been a part of OSTC since it was a simple idea from Dr. Wilson and Dr. Ruyle.  They, along with Athletic Trainers Dustin Hostas and Steve Bailey, believed in creating a specialty clinic devoted to orthopedic and sports therapy.  During the creation process, the founders of OSTC believed in one simple concept, “do the right thing for the right reason and everything else will sort itself out.”  Today, that motto still rings true.

Charlie Post was the next to join the crew as an Athletic Trainer, and today he works as a Physical Therapy Assistant.  Jennifer Cantwell, Physical Therapist, joined the OSTC family in 2005 bringing with her a vast knowledge of sports therapy.  Shane Berend and Lacy Coltharp both came to OSTC as part of their clinical rotations while in their final year of their doctorate programs.  They noticed that there was something different about this place and decided to join the family.  Juli Weger, our newest Physical Therapist, worked as a Physical Therapy Technician for two years prior to pursuing a career as a physical therapist.  Kris Tucker also worked as a tech before attending PTA school.  He has been with OSTC since it began in 2002.

Through the years, our family has grown through new staff members and new babies.  We have all been together to celebrate joyous occasions and mourn family losses.  The staff at OSTC often gets together to share meals and cheer on our favorite sports teams.  The old cliche is “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.”  In that case, no one at OSTC ever works.