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Physical Therapy


The Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers at OSTC take pride in providing the best physical therapy for sports and orthopedic injuries in the Wichita Falls Area.  Our therapists are board certified in orthopedic and sports therapy, and attend the top conferences in the nation to bring the best and newest practices back to Wichita Falls.

At OSTC, we strive to maintain the best and newest equipment and therapeutic modalities.  Come take a tour of OSTC to see all that we have to offer our physical therapy patients.

The following is a quick glance at the new cutting edge modalities that are offered at OSTC; in the coming weeks we will explore each modality in further detail.  If you have questions about any of the following, please contact OSTC.

1.  Light Force Laser Therapy– 

A noninvasive modality to help with pain control. Laser therapy is most beneficial when used in conjunction with your physical therapy. Currently, OSTC is the only clinic in the Wichita Falls area with a class IV Light Force Laser. Our therapists have seen how beneficial the Laser Treatments are for our patients, and decided to purchase a second Laser in 2017.

2.  Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFR)

Blood flow restriction (BFR) training is a training strategy that involves the use of cuffs or wraps placed around a limb during exercise.  The pressure is increased enough to restrict venous return, while allowing for arterial blood flow.  The person is then asked to perform high rep exercises with a very low weight.  Blood flow restriction may sound scary, but the risks are no more than general weight lifting. Study after study proves that this training technique is useful in helping athletes and patients gain strength, power, muscle size and reduce muscle atrophy following surgery.

3.  MTrigger™ Personal Biofeedback Device

MTrigger uses surface EMG pads connected to a portable device to measure the electrical activity produced during a muscle contraction.  The electrical activity can be monitored using an Ipad or phone.  During your physical therapy session, the Mtrigger device may be used to help patients see their performance in real time and get immediate feedback from their therapists.  The mtrigger motivates patients to control interactive biofeedback games and activities, allowing patients to play, train, and track their performance over the course of therapy. Patients can download an app to their phones and keep track of their own progress as well.

4.  Monitored Rehab System, Leg Press and Cube-

OSTC currently has two therapeutic devices that use the monitored rehab system.  This system allows the therapist to test and train motor control, strength, proprioception and coordination.  Designed to look like “video games,” the MRS helps engage the patients while allowing the therapist to set different training protocols.  The MRS leg press and cube have allowed OSTC physical therapists to take our sports therapy program to the next level; challenging athletes, and getting them back to the game safer.

5.  Rapid Reboot- 

Rapid Reboot is an intermittent pneumatic compression recovery system ideal for post workout recovery.  This compression system is used to help athletes from all sports and those patients who spend a tremendous amount of time on their feet.  The pneumatic compression can help with removal of lactic acid, swelling, and lymphedema.  Though there may be some contra-indications to the use the Rapid Reboot system, the physical therapists will work closely with your doctor before using this recovery device.