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Physical Therapy



Blood flow restriction (BFR) training is a training strategy that involves the use of cuffs or wraps placed around a limb during exercise.  The pressure is increased enough to restrict venous return, while allowing for arterial blood flow.  The person is then asked to perform high rep exercises with a very low weight.

Blood flow restriction may sound scary, but the risks are no more than general weight lifting. Study after study proves that this training technique is useful in helping athletes and patients gain strength, power, muscle size and reduce muscle atrophy following surgery.

So why does BFR work?  Resistance training with low load weight training and BFR shows greater post-exercise muscle protein synthesis, higher growth hormone elevations, and more robust molecular signaling responses than conventional resistance training with a similar load.

At OSTC, therapist often use BFR to help athletes maintain muscular strength after ACL or Meniscal Knee surgery.  This allows athletes return to their sport sooner!