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Physical Therapy


As the school year is winding down, the wellness staff at OSTC is gearing up for Athlete’s Advantage.  Athlete’s Advantage is a six-week strength and conditioning camp specifically designed for middle school and high school athletes.  Athletes will be grouped in sessions depending on their sport and age level; each session will be tailored to fit the needs of that particular sport.  For example, volleyball players will focus on increasing vertical jump height, footwork, injury prevention, shoulder strength and core stability.  Overall, athletes will work on agility, speed, strength, power, endurance, flexibility, and jump training. Our specialists will work to correct form and coach technique to prevent injuries. shuffle

Athlete’s advantage has been a tradition at OSTC since the doors opened in 2001.  Historically, our summer camp program has helped elevate a number of athletes to collegiate level performances. We will have summer camp groups available from 5th grade through college. Athletes will be tested and given scores documenting improvements made during the camp.

If you or your athlete are interested in joining OSTC’s Athletes’ Advantage Summer Camp, contact Brad Ezzell, (Program Director) at brade@ostcwf.com or 940-692-4688