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Physical Therapy


Thanks to Michael Phelps and several other summer Olympians, cupping has made its world wide debut.  At OSTC, we have been practicing this therapeutic technique for several years.  Many of the physical therapist have seen tremendous benefits of using cupping along side other modalities and exercises, especially in dealing with hamstring and quadriceps strains.  Some of these benefits include; increased range of motion, decreased pain and decreased inflammation in the area of injury.  Cupping is most notable for the circular “bruises” it leaves behind on the patient.  These marks are not painful and usually go away in a few days when the technique is properly applied.   Dry cupping is the use of negative pressure to release tension on the muscle and increase blood flow to the area.  Though cupping alone is not a cure-all, it is one of the many tools available to the therapists at OSTC.  Our therapists pride themselves on having as many options available to create a unique and individualized therapy program to best suit the needs of our patients.