Athlete’s Advantage

If you are looking for the winning edge, Athlete’s Advantage is for you. You will be tested prior to beginning the program and will be set up on an individualized program based on your sport, goals, and current conditioning status. Our programs are designed by a certified strength and conditioning specialist in order to prepare you for the upcoming season. Athlete’s Advantage incorporates agility, speed, strength, power, endurance, flexibility and jump training. Our specialists will work to correct form and coach technique, in an effort to prevent injuries. Athletes will be able to take the strength and skills they gain from our program and improve their quality of performance. Historically, our program has helped elevate a number of athletes to collegiate level performances. We will have groups available from 5th grade through college. Athletes will be tested and given scores documenting improvements made during the camp. Continue to visit our website for updated information, dates and times and to download a registration form.